You are familiar with the theory from your degree – are you now ready to gain the practical experience that will prepare you for working life? Do you already have some practical experience? Are you motivated, dedicated, and eager to take on responsibility?

Then CHG-MERIDIAN is the right place for you! You will play a role in our continued success – our international trainee program is the perfect start to a successful career.


Would you like to lay the foundations for your successful professional future in finance or sales in an innovative and international company? Are you motivated, committed, have good communication skills and are eager to prove your strengths in the finance or salescdepartment of a successful company? Then join our team!

From October 1, 2024, the latest round of our international trainee program starts. The 15 month program focuses on learning all facets of finance or sales with a focus on the business models of the company and building up your own network. Experienced colleagues and qualified trainers accompany, support and encourage you throughout the entire program to ensure a successful transfer of ideas, expertise and experience.
After completing the international trainee program, you will begin your career in finance or sales at CHG-MERIDIAN. There you will have the opportunity to put your acquired knowledge and skills into practice and develop yourself further. Join our team and shape your future in the area of Finance or Sales at CHG-MERIDIAN!


  • Training "on the job": Learning by doing - 15 months of intensive knowledge transfer on operating procedures, business models, software tools and soft skills
  • Off-the-job training: expand your skill set with the help of our inhouse Global People Development department
  • Mentor: regular interaction with a dedicated point of contact
  • Sponsor: learn from an experienced sales/finance colleague
  • Trainee guide: support for your learning success
  • Feedback system: open dialog
  • Management attention: get to know our senior management
  • Personal development: advanced training through our in-house Global People Development Department, individual career advancement and targeted development of your personal strengths
  • Intercultural awareness: Project-related foreign assignment in a subsidiary

Apply now for our trainee program starting on October 1st, 2024!

Trainee@CHG - Sales in Germany: Apply here.
Trainee@CHG - Finance in Weingarten: Apply here.

Trainee@CHG in Mexico: Get in touch with Mariana Torra 
Trainee@CHG in France: Get in touch with Rose-anne Lefebvre

Inside Stories: Trainees around the globe

Terry Zervas

"Joining CHG to kickstart my career was definitely the right decision for me to understand business as a whole as my first six months at CHG has provided me with an abundance of learning opportunities. Being part of the finance department at CHG has furthered my development in various financial instruments, analysis techniques, and industry-specific knowledge. I’ve had the chance to collaborate with a diverse and skilled team, this not only has enhanced my technical skills but has also provided me with valuable insights and the ability to learn roles even outside of finance. CHG has excelled my career in all aspects by allowing me to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world financial scenarios. Having been surrounded by an experienced team constantly has given me the opportunities needed to learn my role in finance and what I pursue to achieve in the future. CHG was the right choice and has reassured me that finance is the career I want to pursue."

Eduardo Leyva Franco


"When I was looking to start my professional career, I always had a clear goal in my mind and heart, work in SALES. It has been quite a challenge due to the complexity and the target customers we are searching for. 
One of the first reasons I decided to enter the trainee program at CHG-MERIDIAN was, and still is, be part of the financial industry, also having the possibility to work in a business model that has a sustainable growth in time and having technology and digitalization without leaving behind our planet. My main challenge was knowing the business basics and operative processes that will give me a solid foundation to build my portfolio. All of this was put into practice during my time on the program. 
The main highlights that I have experienced are working with colleagues all around the world. Also having the opportunity to build a network in a different environment rather than the typical workplace, like Cancún."

Selina Butz - fomer graduate Trainee


“Out of university, and straight into sales. My career got off to a flying start. Just one day after submitting my bachelor’s thesis on the cooperation between CHG-MERIDIAN’s international subsidiaries, I started my graduate trainee program at the Company’s headquarters in Weingarten. From the very beginning, I was mentored by one of the most experienced senior key account managers in the Industry team, who took me to appointments with customers. I learned a lot just by watching him. But of course you don’t learn to sell just by watching. You also need to practice and try things out for yourself. As trainees, we are allowed to play an active part very early on. But, thanks to our mentors, we never feel like we’ve been thrown in at the deep end.”



Why did you choose the trainee program in the field of Sales?

Jomo Zander:
“Everyone immediately associates sales with selling, selling, selling. But sales is about much more than that.

Sales is extremely multifaceted. To be successful, you need a high level of negotiating skill, strong communication skills and extensive specialist knowledge. Whether in discussions with existing customers or when winning new customers - these skills are essential for addressing and handling every customer in the right way.

And it’s precisely these skills that we have the opportunity to develop during our extensive trainee program with trainings provided by our internal People Development Department, workshops and coachings. We also do a lot of “learning on the job”, with support from our mentors and a wealth of tips and tricks.
The chance to gain useful insights was one of a key reasons I applied to take part in the trainee program at CHG-MERIDIAN.”

What defines sales for you?

Maximilian Leppert:

“I see sales representatives as the top athletes in the economy.

As mentioned before, the main task is, of course, sales. But - just like in sport - you have to have a wide range of skills and combine them to be successful. You have to be able to read the person you are dealing with, for example, be able to analyze situations and quickly develop an understanding for the problem. Determination and hunger to succeed are also essential, just like in sport. And this is precisely the challenge we face.”

Has CHG-MERIDIAN fulfilled your expectations so far?

Selina Butz:
“In short: Yes.

After a compact induction at the headquarters in Weingarten, we spent the first three months in Internal Sales at our relevant sites. During this time, we learned about the business model of CHG-MERIDIAN and the processes behind it.

After the period in Internal Sales, each trainee was assigned an experienced mentor. We worked with our mentors on our first projects. These included all activities relevant for sales, from customer analysis and acquisition, finding solutions, creating quotations and completing contracts.

Our individual development is also supported by various trainings in the internal Global People Development department on topics such as presentation training, holding successful sales discussions and the mathematics of finance. The fact that all trainees come together regularly in trainings and the regular exchanges in telephone conferences also enables us to stay in close contact even across different sites and to share our experiences in sales.

We are currently organizing our three-month assignment abroad in one of our international subsidiaries, which we are looking forward to immensely. I’m off to Vimercate, close to Milan.”



If you would like more information about our international trainee program, please get in touch.

Christiane Mutschler

Global Lead People & Culture - People Development