To promote sustainability throughout our company and embed it effectively, we created a sustainability governance structure in 2020 that includes the role of Group Sustainability Officer (GSO). Additionally, we developed and approved a sustainability strategy.

The sustainability strategy is based on the goals of our corporate strategy and contains key company-specific action areas:

  • Labor rights and human rights
  • Business ethics
  • Environment
  • Sustainable procurement

From these we derive our sustainability targets and corresponding operational measures. The sustainability strategy is reviewed annually and adapted to our stakeholders' requirements.

CHG-MERIDIAN Group Sustainability Board
“The sustainability governance structure we implemented in 2020 helps us to coordinate strategic, Group-wide sustainability measures. In this context, it is important to take the specific requirements in each market and country into account.”
Matthias Steybe, Group Sustainability Officer at CHG-MERIDIAN
Matthias Steybe - Group Sustainability Officer bei CHG-MERIDIAN

Initiatives and memberships

We underline our commitment with memberships in several initiatives. CHG-MERIDIAN also has its sustainability activities evaluated annually by EcoVadis.

CHG-MERDIAN Mitgliedschaften & Initiativen
Since 2021, the CHG-MERIDIAN Group has been committed to the UN Global Compact corporate responsibility initiative and its 10 principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and anti-corruption.


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CHG-MERIDIAN Sustainability


At CHG-MERIDIAN, we believe in end-to-end sustainability, efficient technology management with the highest level of information security, fair competition, and respectful dialog with stakeholders.

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Circular Economy & Climate Protection

In terms of lifecycle thinking, CHG-MERIDIAN relies on refurbishment and reuse to extend product lifecycles. We consider ourselves part of the circular economy, helping to conserve resources and mitigate climate change through our business model.

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Great Work & Shared Value

Our corporate culture is characterized by transparency, reliability, and respectful collaboration. This applies equally to our working relationship with our employees and to our dealings with suppliers and other partners along the value chain.

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