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Another step in the process of digital transformation

CHG-MERIDIAN is taking another step forward in its digital communication with customers and partners by using the DocuSign digital platform to sign documents electronically. DocuSign is the leading e-signing platform, and makes it possible to sign offers, contracts, and other agreements quickly and securely using electronic signatures.

Saves time

Contracts can be signed quickly and easily on any internet-enabled device from any location in the minimum of time.

Reduces processing costs

Printed contracts no longer need to be sent by post and then scanned.

Is secure and legally binding

The platform meets the requirements of the eIDAS Regulation as well as certification standards in the USA and Europe to ensure that information is protected, encrypted, and secure.

Creates transparency

The current status of a contract can be tracked by all parties involved, which means that no data is missing and documents don’t get lost.

Increases efficiency

Contracts can be electronically processed and saved without the need for additional manual processing. The administrative outlay is considerably reduced.

Is easy to use

DocuSign’s web-based user interface is easy to follow, user-friendly and convenient. Detailed instructions guide the signer through the process.

Is environmentally friendly

We are saving valuable resources by reducing the need for printing supplies, packaging materials, and shipping.

Is free

Signing a document with DocuSign is always free.

Instruction guides and FAQs

Below you will find a detailed instruction guide as well as a short version for quick reference. These documents explain how each stage of the signing process works. You will also find questions and answers on DocuSign and all aspects of electronic signatures.

DocuSign - FAQ


DocuSign – Detailed Signerguide


DocuSign - Short Signerguide


Legal certainty

Electronic signatures or e-signatures are legally binding for almost all business transactions in EU countries. DocuSign meets the stringent requirements of the eIDAS Regulation in the EU.

You can read more about the legal certainty of electronic signatures and the European eIDAS Regulation here.

DocuSign - Legal Certainty


Whitepaper eIDAS


Data protection, security, and IT compliance

DocuSign meets the most rigorous security standards, not only in Europe, but also in the USA and worldwide. This means that it protects highly sensitive contract data and offers transparency at every stage of the signing process.

You can read more about the security of the DocuSign platform, data protection, and IT compliance here.

DocuSign – Security and Data Protection


DocuSign - Security Brief