TrailS Insight

How do you become a Sales Trainee at CHG-MERIDIAN?

We asked three of our three of our TrailS (Trainee for Sales) these and other questions about the CHG-MERIDIAN sales trainee program. Find out what they answered here.

After completing your training or studies, you too may be asking yourself how to make the best possible transition into professional life. CHG-MERIDIAN AG offers the “TrailS” sales trainee program to support you in your beginnings.

In our trainee programme, you will experience the diversity of our sales world within two years and will be individually supported, mentored and holistically prepared for your career – both on and off the job.

The “TrailS Insight” video project was carried out in June last year with the aim of answering questions that are often asked regarding the trainee programme.

For this purpose, three of our current trainees were interviewed at our location in Frankfurt am Main. In short, personal videos, they describe how they perceived the application process, what they think a Trainee for Sales has to expect, and why applicants should choose CHG-MERIDIAN.

Trails Insight - Trainees und HR
Two of our trainees from left to right: Franziska Kuhn & Leonard von Hof

Find out for yourself what our trainees have to say within their movies ...

FELIX FALK a former business administration student, describes his application process as challenging, but he also found it very personal and esteem-building.


If you too have an affinity for numbers and are communicative, and at the same time enjoy meeting new people, then join our team, just like FRANZISKA KUCH , and get your career off to a flying start.


LEONARD VON HOF is also happy about the decision to apply for the trainee program at CHG-MERIDIAN. Getting to know all the relevant departments, as well as the continuous support and supervision by mentors, prepared him optimally the day-to-day work in sales.

Interest aroused?

Have we also aroused your interest in a trainee program in sales at CHG-MERIDIAN? Then take a look at our website and discover exactly what the trainee programme is all about.

Or apply directly to us as a sales trainee. As soon as the application process for the next trainee program starts, you will also find our job posting in the job market.