CHG-MERIDIAN is one of Germany's most sought-after employers

In an annual publishing special, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung awards the most sought-after companies on the German job market. We are proud that CHG-MERIDIAN was November 2020 among them.

Of the 22,000 companies surveyed, we are one of the three most sought-after employers in the IT and communications services sector. The participating companies were assessed both by means of a questionnaire and a so-called "social listing". For this purpose, tens of thousands of online messages and several million social media addresses were screened for mentions of our company. The range of the company's responses, the tonality as well as the topics were calculated as point values and were thus included in the overall evaluation.

This means that personal activity of our employees also contributed to our receiving the seal: Those contributions and mentions in business networks, comments and opinions on evaluation platforms have sometimes led to our very good ranking.



FAZ Institut - Siegel - Deutschlands begehrteste Arbeitgeber
"We are a modern employer that operates as a technology manager in the IT, industrial and healthcare sectors in a very exciting environment and shines with an exceptionally high level of employee satisfaction. We offer our employees the best conditions for an attractive workplace with the latest IT equipment, mobile and flexible working methods and extensive training opportunities. With our future-oriented business model, we navigate crisis-proof and with a lot of experience even through challenging times"
Dr. Mathias Wagner, Chairman of the Board of Management

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