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Insights into everyday working life for apprentices and students at CHG-MERIDIAN

It's time - After an appropriate lead time, we are looking forward to being represented on Instagram with our own apprentice and student account and to providing exciting insights into the lives and working world of the apprentices and students at CHG-MERIDIAN.

Actually, we are seven apprentices, six students and two former students who have together with the People & Culture department launched the Instagram account "chg_meridian_futuretalents" as part of a apprentice and student project. Since May 2022, we have been offering all interested parties the opportunity to follow our training and study period at CHG-MERIDIAN.
Our project team regularly shares posts via the Instagram channel and provides a wide range of insights from our everyday professional life, on the courses of study offered at the Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW), on our training occupations and much more.

CHG-MERIDIAN attaches great importance to the training and further education of career starters. The focus is on independent work and project organization, among other things. In this context, we are able to propose and develop our own projects. This is how the idea for a separate Instagram channel of apprentices and students came about.

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Why is it worthwhile to follow us on Instagram?

We will pass on to you our experiences from the training and study period. These include the special features of our training occupations and courses of study, our day-to-day work and CHG-MERIDIAN as an employer. We will also be presenting the headquarters in Weingarten as well as other national and international locations. Ideally, we will inspire you to take part in a traineeship, dual study program or starting your career at CHG-MERIDIAN.

Follow us through our exciting time in a traineeship or course of study at CHG-MERIDIAN and become a "future talent" yourself. See you on Instagram.

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