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Your first steps in professional life can define your later career. Whether it is a traineeship or a degree apprenticeship, CHG-MERIDIAN can offer a solid basis for a promising career thanks to our unique combination of commercial and technical expertise.


CHG-MERIDIAN offers interesting work and excellent development opportunities in a range of business areas. We have a broad educational program offering plenty of variety in the fields of commerce, IT, and logistics. Our trainees receive a hands-on education that allows them to set their career on the right path.

And once the traineeship has been completed there are many career paths available within CHG-MERIDIAN.

At our headquarters in Weingarten


  • Industrial management trainee with or without additional qualifications
  • IT trainee in software development
  • IT trainee in system integration

At our site in Gross-Gerau


  • Trainee warehouse logistics specialist
  • Trainee logistics manager

Degree apprenticeships

CHG-MERIDIAN offers degree apprenticeships in a range of specialisms. At Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW) in Ravensburg and right here with us our students get to know both the theory and the practical side. They receive a university degree education and a real insight into the world of work, providing an excellent preparation for their future careers.

A further advantage is that our commitment goes further than just your degree – we are interested in a long-term working relationship with you. There is nothing to stop you rising to the top.

At our headquarters in Weingarten


  • Business informatics student (BSc., DHBW Ravensburg)
  • Business administration student – financial services (BA, DHBW Ravensburg)
  • Business administration student – international business (BA, DHBW Ravensburg)

Apprenticeship and study experience reports

MARLEN MOOSMANN | Apprentice Industrial Clerk

My name is Marlen Moosmann. I am 19 and live in Ravensburg. I like to spend time with my family and friends, and my hobbies include sports, travel, and languages. After gaining my university entrance qualification I travelled around Canada, Australia, and South East Asia. In September 2016 I began my industrial business management apprenticeship with CHG-MERIDIAN – the start of a new chapter in my life.

CHG-MERIDIAN is one big family

CHG-MERIDIAN is a successful and steadily growing company. It also looks after its employees, and puts great emphasis on teamwork. Communal lunches and coffee breaks allow me to get to know my colleagues better. And there are other special events that help bring us together, such as a party for all employees to mark the end of the year, and an outing for the apprentices and students. New employees also get to attend a start-up seminar, which is for fresh recruits from all across the company, even the international sites. This provides a basic introduction to CHG-MERIDIAN, and gives us a chance to get to know each other and share our impressions at a group dinner.

Why train in industrial business management with CHG-MERIDIAN?

An apprenticeship in industrial business management with CHG-MERIDIAN offers great variety. You get to work in departments such as the Academy, Communications & Marketing, Internal Sales, and many others. The length of the assignments varies; sometimes you spend six weeks in a department, sometimes only three. We also have presentation sessions every three months, which are a great preparation for our final exams. I am certain that when I finish my training with CHG-MERIDIAN I will have a broad range of knowledge, as we are taught the fundamentals by experts. This will enable me to work in many different departments.

At my vocational college, the Humpisschule, the main subjects are management and control, business economics, and macroeconomics. Unlike the three-year apprenticeship, the Apprenticeship Plus only lasts two and a half years, and it includes additional subjects such as international business economics, business English, and an option of logistics, French, or Spanish. It also includes a three-week stay in England. As a company with an international presence, CHG-MERIDIAN likes to give its apprentices this experience.

Mentor and mentee

Each apprentice training at CHG-MERIDIAN is assigned a mentor from a previous intake. This means that right from the start you have a fixed contact who will lend a hand if you have any questions or problems. That is a great feeling, and boosts the sense of belonging to the team. But it isn’t just the mentors who are available when apprentices have questions, the other colleagues are also always ready to help out. We call this the ‘open door principle’.

A broad network offers plenty of opportunities

If you are committed and hard working you are almost guaranteed to be offered a permanent position at CHG-MERIDIAN, because the company only trains according to its requirements. Your own requests are also taken into consideration. It is a good idea to make as many internal contacts as possible during your training. CHG-MERIDIAN makes this easy, because you get to work in a range of different departments. The support from experts with specialist knowledge is useful for all sorts of decisions and problems in day-to-day work.

CHG-MERIDIAN supports us with many interesting projects – the perfect start to a career!

ELISA BAUMGARTNER | DHBW Student Business Economics Majoring in Financial Services

My name is Elisa Baumgartner. I am an open, musical person who likes to spend time with family and friends and enjoys swimming.

When I first came across CHG-MERIDIAN, I was immediately inspired by its corporate philosophy, and by its status as a robust, innovative company. I decided to embark on a degree apprenticeship specializing in financial services. Looking back, I am confident that I made the right choice.

What determined my decision

Given my diverse interests in a wide range of topic areas, it took me a while before I settled on the subject of my degree. I gained my university entrance qualification from a vocational high school specializing in business, where I acquired some basic knowledge of business studies and economics. That experience encouraged my decision to study for a degree in business economics. My main interest focused on working with and analyzing numbers, and on presenting their correlations. However, it was important to me to choose a wide-ranging degree course that would give me an insight into the different functions and activities within a company. The Business Economics - Financial Services course seemed to meet those requirements. I chose a degree apprenticeship because it includes periods of practical work in a company, allowing you to apply the theoretical knowledge gained on your course in real-life situations and to develop it.

Complementary learning: Studying and familiarization with internal processes

The DHBW provides a good foundation in subjects such as capital expenditure and financing, marketing, and human resources. The Financial Services course covers subjects like leasing, securities, and loans. These specific subjects are particularly useful in gaining an overall understanding of CHG-MERIDIAN’s corporate activities. The course does require students to have an affinity with numbers. The broad-based training it provides allows them to keep their options open with regard to their specialization within the company. That was very important to me. I was keen to get to know all of the different roles before deciding which department to join. A major advantage of the degree apprenticeship is that you get to know different internal processes and tasks while you are still studying, and you are able to contribute and gain experience.

Working in the different departments, such as Internal Sales, Funding, and HR, broadens my expertise and my experience. I get to see the whole process, from contract negotiation to contract termination, the collaboration with funding partners during the funding process, and the continued professional training and development of employees by the CHG-Academy. This teaches me to work as part of a team, and allows me to build up an internal network that will be important in my professional life later on. Regular meetings with the training supervisor, including feedback discussions, highlight learning experiences and areas where improvement is required, and can be used to ask for help if it is needed. The company looks after its employees. CHG-MERIDIAN trains according to demand, and if you work hard and perform well it is very possible that you will be offered a permanent position.

An excellent preparation for working life

The international focus of CHG-MERIDIAN keeps the processes exciting, varied, and challenging. Solid knowledge from the degree course, coupled with the experience from the practical periods, together provide excellent preparation for a career in a company with a promising future.

JONAS REUHS | DHBW Student Studying Business Informatics

My name is Jonas Reuhs and I’m studying Business Informatics at the DHBW as part of a degree apprenticeship with CHG-MERIDIAN. In my spare time I enjoy sports and I’m a member of a handball club. After qualifying as a finance assistant at a bank I decided to embark on a degree course. But since I also wanted to gain more practical experience while I was studying, it made sense to consider a degree apprenticeship with CHG-MERIDIAN.

Studying Business Informatics at the DHBW

After completing my apprenticeship with the bank, my plan was to expand my basic understanding of business economics while adding an additional focus on IT. I quickly realized that I wanted to do a degree apprenticeship in business informatics. The exciting aspect of this course is its combination of two different subject areas. On the one hand there is corporate IT, and on the other there are the commercial topics. The degree course at the DHBW can be divided into three sections. Lectures on business subjects, such as accounting and economics, make up a large part of the teaching module. Another large section is IT, with lectures on programming and operating systems, and the third large block is business informatics, which brings everything together. The switch between classroom and company every three months offers plenty of opportunity to put what you’ve learned into practice.


CHG-MERIDIAN – Part of a big family

I’m glad I managed to find CHG-MERIDIAN as a partner for my degree apprenticeship. They had a big outing for apprentices and students before I even started work, so I was able to establish initial contacts and make some friends. At the start there was a seminar with all of the people from around the world who had just joined the company. This was a first chance to get to know the company and your work environment in more detail. And it allowed me to make contact with some international colleagues. Right from the start, the seminar showed us that we were part of a large team. And the ‘open door’ principle and the communal lunches in the company cafeteria immediately make me feel right at home in the various departments where I am working.

Getting to know CHG-MERIDIAN as an innovative company

I am not quite sure yet which department I am aiming for after I finish my degree. So I am very pleased to be getting an insight into almost every area of the company, and getting to know all of the different roles. This gives you an opportunity to find out where your strengths are. It is normally possible to work in that area once you finish your degree. CHG-MERIDIAN covers quite a wide range of functions and areas. As a technology management company it possesses vast IT expertise, which allows it to offer its customers the best possible IT solutions. There is also a focus on funding and credit checking of customers, to provide them with the optimum funding option, independent of manufacturers and banks. This diversity means working for CHG-MERIDIAN offers plenty of variety.

Support in every respect

When it comes to projects and papers, the know-how of the employees in the departments is extremely useful, as they are always ready to listen, and lend a hand as much as they can. That allows us to take on project responsibilities for ourselves, and to organize ourselves independently. But we can always rely on our colleagues to help us out if we need them. Regular sessions where apprentices and students give talks on subjects they choose themselves allow everyone to improve their presentation skills through constructive feedback. This is ideal preparation for final exams and presentations during your training or degree course. There are also many internal professional development workshops.

Apprentices and students – a great team

Student outings, student socials, presentation sessions – we, the apprentices and students, have plenty of opportunities to exchange views and experiences, in presentation sessions at work, or after work at a friendly student social. There is a lot of fun to be had, and we’ll sometimes organize our own activities. In the past we’ve cheered on our teams at public screenings of football games, for example. But the highlight of the year is definitely the joint outing.

MICHAEL LUPP | Apprentice to Trade for System Integration

My name is Michael Lupp., I live in Bad Saulgau and like to spend time with my friends. I play various ball games and I am inspired by the possibilities of the IT world.

Even my neighbors noticed my talent early on

Since childhood I have been fascinated by computers, mobile devices and software applications. I have informed myself again and again about the devices, applications and their functions. My family and even the neighbors noticed this. So, I took on the role of „personal engineer“. That's why after finishing secondary school I went to a technical college to study „information technology“ in order to find out more about IT. To put it another way, I wanted to make my hobby my career. After finishing college I decided to take an apprenticeship. I wanted to know how IT works in a larger environment, to practically deepen and enhance what I had previously learnt.
Because CHG-MERIDIAN, with its impressive building, was located directly opposite my school at the time, I informed myself about CHG-MERIDIAN and their apprenticeship opportunities. The exciting offer, being able to master and administer IT systems in a team, inspired me to send an application to CHG-MERIDIAN.

Our „trainings sessions“ give us our IT knowledge

Variety and knowledge are well-provided for at CHG-MERIDIAN. In the first two years you work in every department as an apprentice, e.g. the „Service Management“ department or the in-house training department – the „CHG Academy“. Of course, you always end up back at the IT department. Here we work, as in every department, in a tight team. This allows every employee to pass on their knowledge to the apprentice. Additionally, there are also „training sessions“ in IT. Here we start at zero and the IT knowledge is given again and again. IT apprentices are also able to work on projects right from the start and learn a great deal from this.

School perfectly prepares us for our career

Of course, the academic part is also crucial to the apprenticeship. Lessons take place once or twice a week at the Electronic School Tettnang (EST). The standard subjects like German, English, History and Religion are taught at the EST. In addition to these, there are also subjects such as business studies and economics. And, finally, the IT subjects ITS (IT systems) and SAE (software and application development). In ITS it is explained to us how networks are constructed and how they work, i.e. network components are setup, cabled and configured. In the latter subject we develop applications ourselves in Java and also create several websites with HTML.

There is no shortage of fun at work

As you can tell, an apprentice at CHG-MERIDIAN learns a great deal. But there are also many activities which the apprentices undertake with one another or with the department. Every year there are apprentice trips and departmental trips and occasionally people also organize private trips. Then there are other events, such as the „CHG-Soccer Cup“ and many more.
CHG-MERIDIAN perfectly combines work with pleasure. What more can you want? Experience and knowledge of the highest level combined with a fun end to the day together.

ANDREJ ZIEGLER | Apprenctice to Qualified for Storage Logistics

My name is Andrej Ziegler, I come from Dreieich-Sprendlingen, and am doing an apprenticeship as a specialist for storage logistics at CHG-MERIDIAN. To be more precise, I work at the Technology and Service Center in Groß-Gerau, where, for example, laptops are TÜV-certified, formatted and prepared for resale. More than 415,000 devices were sold here in 2012.

I have experienced things I wouldn't have otherwise experienced

If I had not started at CHG-MERIDIAN, I would have chosen the Bundeswehr (German armed forces) instead. I have already completed voluntary military service there. I was able to experience things at the Bundeswehr that I wouldn't have otherwise experienced. The preparation for foreign deployments, such as in Afghanistan and, more specifically, the whole logistics behind such a mission. The transportation of troops and, above all, many goods with the most varied of requirements for transportation requires professional management.

Challenges motivate me

I didn't have a set location at the Bundeswehr. But family is very important to me. I worked at CHG-MERIDIAN for a while several years ago. I enjoyed the work a great deal even then. As different as the Bundeswehr and CHG-MERIDIAN organizations are, they still have similarities. Both offer many challenges and have a very special demand for the careful implementation of the resources you are entrusted with. An advantage of CHG-MERIDIAN is that I have a set location. This is a summary of the reasons why I have chosen this employer.

A positive and cooperative interaction is very important to me

It means a lot to me to be an apprentice at CHG-MERIDIAN. A good and international working environment, a congenial, friendly and positive interaction among colleagues and a growing, exciting field of work are further reasons, along with a set location, for my decision to join CHG-MERIDIAN.

Insights into every department of the company

The apprenticeship has the following structure. We have school two days per week and are at the company for three days. We switch departments every three months. This allows us to gain an insight into every department.

The apprenticeship is varied and we are individually supported

Specially for Groß-Gerau, we apprentices visit the following departments for storage logistics: goods receipt, picking, outgoing goods/packaging, PC testing line, notebook testing line, TFT testing line, security, printer testing line, logistics and services. Also, we allotted a visit to the headquarters of the company in Weingarten. Among other things, we are supported individually with additional lessons as preparation for the final exam.
I could easily imagine myself working for CHG-MERIDIAN for a long time. My next goal is to be awarded a permanent contract after completing my apprenticeship.

MAURICE GOMEZ DIAZ | Apprentice to Qualified for Storage Logistics

My name is Maurice and I am doing an apprenticeship specializing in storage logistics at CHG-MERIDIAN. To be precise, I work at the Technology and Service Center in Groß-Gerau near Frankfurt.
The apprenticeship runs along the lines of a cooperative system. Two days a week I attend vocational college and three days a week I am at the company. Here I am going through various departments in a three-month cycle.
I applied at CHG-MERIDIAN because the work really interests me and the company is also very successful and professional.

This is how I would briefly describe CHG-MERIDIAN

I got to know CHG-MERIDIAN as a temp and was subsequently accepted for an apprenticeship. If I had to describe CHG-MERIDIAN with three attributes, they would be the following: The work is very informative, as we have to have a good relationship with related departments in order to avoid mistakes. Thanks to the changing responsibilities both in the office and in the depot the practical development is also very varied. The work with highly sensitive IT equipment and protected customer information is a very big challenge for me as we always have to ensure that everything is done according to the planned, certified path both in terms of time and technology.
In my eyes these are three good reasons for the CHG–MERIDIAN company. The CHG-MERIDIAN team have been very friendly and welcoming to me as a new member. The processes of the company were explained to me step-by-step in a very easily understood way.

Even after three years of my apprenticeship I have not stopped taking pleasure in my work

I never lost enjoyment in my work when switching between the various departments and when working on diverse projects. I learn something new every day, which is a real motivation for me. After successfully completing the exam there is a possibility that CHG-MERIDIAN will take me on permanently.

If CHG-MERIDIAN should offer me a permanent position, then I can easily see myself taking on more and more responsibility. As CHG-MERIDIAN strives to support its employees, I am very optimistic that I can realize my goals over the course of my time at CHG-MERIDIAN.

JULIA DEUFEL | Apprentice IT Specialist Specializing in Application Development

My name is Julia Deufel, I am from Ravensburg, Germany and work as a trainee IT specialist specializing in application development at CHG-MERIDIAN.
I am a very family-oriented person and activities with friends and family are very close to my heart. I have many more hobbies and interests besides the diversity of computer technologies. Horse riding is my great passion, but reading and painting also belong to my favorite activities.

I was surprised that CHG-MERIDIAN wanted me

For a long time I did not know what I wanted to be. Many careers fairs and agricultural college lead me onto this path. People often ask me how you get from an agricultural college to such a technological profession, not to mention as a woman. I am still unable to give a precise answer. I have always asked myself what makes up a computer or software. I was looking for something challenging where I could prove what I am capable of. I looked around on the internet for every possible apprenticeship in the IT sector. I happened upon CHG-MERIDIAN and, without giving it much thought, applied there. I did not anticipate that such a large and successful company would want someone like me. But I was invited for an interview; I was very surprised and was even more excited to go. When I told my parents about it, my mother brought out an old photo album and produced a picture of me at around two years old sat, fascinated, in front of a computer. I could not be torn away.

Apprentices at CHG-MERIDIAN are integrated colleagues

It is not just the encouragement of individuals, but also the environment at CHG-MERIDIAN which I find unique. The interaction between professionals and apprentices and between all employees is genial and allows you to quickly find your feet in the company. During our apprenticeship we receive important information about the individual processes at CHG-MERIDIAN from working in the various departments. This allows us to better get to know our colleagues and to make new contacts. Along with the constructive general knowledge about CHG-MERIDIAN, such as the principles and philosophy of the company, the central ideas of the business and the goal CHG-MERIDIAN has in its sights, the in-house academy helps us with training sessions such as „A good tone on the telephone“ or courses in Excel. To ensure that we are supported all around, the review meeting also plays a major role. Every three months this prepares us for the final exam and coming day-to-day presentations.

The mentor system and practical projects make learning a success

The mentor system offers a very good solution to getting to the necessary level of knowledge in the IT department. Every IT apprentice is appointed a mentor. Tobias De Marco has been a team leader for around two years and supervises a number of software developers. Along with all these responsibilities, he has stood by my side, giving me tasks and is my direct point of contact for all my questions. Regular meetings at which the tasks and solutions are discussed ensure the necessary overview. I am very happy about this, as along with the help with my actual development, other important topics are taken care of. In addition to the mentor system, we have a weekly meeting with the mentor of another apprentice in which we work through more detailed topics in the programming world. Lately we have launched an apprentice project stemming from this meeting. We have completely taken on management, organization and the development of software and are practicing for the exam and for the transfer of real IT projects. There are, therefore, many types of encouragement and support at CHG-MERIDIAN. For me, learning has never been easier or more fun than it has been here.

Of course, there are many other aspects along with all the learning. Departmental trips, apprentice trips and company parties, such as the end of year party and the summer festival, are a lot of fun. These are a good opportunity to get to know colleagues in a completely different context.


If you would like more information about training and degree apprenticeships at CHG-MERIDIAN, please get in touch.

Sandra Horne

Apprenticeship Officer