International CHG-MERIDIAN Soccer Cup and beach volleyball tournament

In bright sunshine and hot temperatures the CHG-MERIDIAN Soccer Cup and beach volleyball championship took place on Saturday, June 29, 2019 in Schmalegg close to Weingarten.

15 teams with players from Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy came to spend a sportive day with their international colleagues and, of course, to bring the popular challenge cup to their location at the end of the day.

However, the cup, which was last held in Munich, did not have to travel far this year as the CHG Weingarten team won the football tournament.At the beach volleyball tournament, which was held together with the Soccer Cup for the first time this year, the "Internal Audit" team took first place. Congratulations to both teams!

After the games, players and spectators could enjoy a barbecue, burgers and cold drinks together. Another highlight was the afterparty in the Beachclub at the CHG-Arena in Ravensburg, where teams and fans could let the successful day come to an end.

The CHG-MERIDIAN Soccer Cup is held every year at the headquarter in Weingarten and is now a fixed date in the company’s event calendar. Teams from all European CHG-MERIDIAN offices can register - a great opportunity for participants to meet outside the office and also to get to know colleagues from other locations in person. The event is organised by a team of employees who dedicate themselves to this task with a great deal of commitment and passion.