Insights into a creative team event

Colorful headquarters: colleagues at the graffiti workshop

At the beginning of June, the front of CHG-MERIDIAN's headquarters in Weingarten shone in many bright colors. It was given a new, temporary look by around 30 colleagues, who were taking part in a graffiti workshop as part of the bi-annual team meeting.

Under the guidance of a collective of artists, some colleagues from sales set to work yesterday morning, watched curiously by pedestrians and other employees. Armed with spray cans, chalk, paint buckets and brushes, they were divided into three groups.

The task: each group starts with a part of the large white surface, then they switch and continue working on the pictures of their colleagues. In doing so, they should consciously refrain from using words and motifs and give free rein to their creativity. In the end, the result is a large joint work of art that stretches the entire length of the building. 

Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany, came up with the idea for this somewhat different kind of stick excursion. After the artistic work, everyone received a team shirt as a gift and could fortify themselves with coffee and CHG-MERIDIAN cake.

The empty wall before ...
and after.
"A totally exciting and creative activity that is out of the ordinary and simply lets you break out of your comfort zone."
Frank Schöneberg, Head of Public Sector Sales Germany