Jun 27, 2016 | Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN adding Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS) to its solution portfolio

Efficient: New solution approach for mobile working
Consistent: Intelligent complete solution combines maximum freedom with consistent protection
Flexible: Comprehensive access to the world of mobile IT workplaces

Enterprise Mobility is a mega-trend. According to a study by IDC, 82% of German companies hope to increase their productivity significantly by implementing a mobility strategy. Despite this optimism, however, many companies find that their path to their own mobility solution is still paved with many questions: How can we gain easy, unlimited access to the mobile working world? Which services should our IT mobility strategy include? Who will be responsible for the security of our company data and equipment? And how will we get it in the door in a technically and economically sensible way? With their Enterprise Mobility Solutions (EMS), the technology managers and financial experts at CHG-MERIDIAN promise a complete, 360° solution that provides businesses comprehensive, protected access to the world of mobile IT workplaces.

Complete solution with no service gaps

CHG-MERIDIAN provides a wealth of services across the entire technology lifecycle to give its customers both unlimited and secure access to the mobile working world. The result is highly efficient, secure mobile equipment management with no service gaps. Their services range from financing, commissioning, and configuration to claims settlement, repair services, retrieval and certified data erasure. The company shoulders this comprehensive service portfolio on its own, allowing it to remain neutral and independent. This is a sustainable and welcome relief for customers, who are neither required to coordinate multiple service providers, nor to address challenging security questions. And they are no longer burdened with interface-related issues, leaving them with both hands free for their core business activities.

Unique risk coverage with no deductibles

Another highlight is a service by the name of Mobile Care—a very welcome addition for many customers, since the mobile devices have a known tendency towards damage incidents.  In response, CHG-MERIDIAN now offers extensive risk and insurance protection for loss or damage incidents, all without co-payments or deductibles. Operator errors, falls, breakage, theft, short circuits, fires, lightning strikes, liquid damage—Mobile Care covers practically every possible risk to mobile equipment. Even repair services are included in the monthly rate, and customers can count on having a replacement device available quickly. As a result, customers have a straightforward way of getting back to work without long interruptions, even if their equipment is damaged.

Consistent focus on customer benefits

Frank Kottmann, the CHG-MERIDIAN Board member serving as Chief Sales Officer for Central Europe, explains the company’s solution approach: “In the area of mobility, many service providers offer isolated individual products. We at CHG-MERIDIAN started by looking at the complete solution, by asking ourselves, ‘What do our customers need? What would make their lives easier?’ That was our starting point in developing our comprehensive solution standard, Enterprise Mobility Solutions.” And it is this consistent approach that sets CHG-MERIDIAN’s offer apart from other solutions available on the market. The complete solution draws upon the motto of “freedom and protection,” ensuring that employees can work wherever they want or wherever they currently are—on the road, at home, abroad, or on company premises as part of a flexible workspace solution. And they can do it as safely, effectively and comfortably as possible.

Free choice of equipment, tailor-made tariff plans

Looking at the individual services the company offers, one can clearly see the creativity involved in implementing the philosophy described by Frank Kottman. For example, the solution does not automatically couple devices with tariffs: employees can choose from among different equipment types, and the company can also decide which tariff models to make available. Companies also have the flexibility to adjust these tariffs later on in response to changing user needs, for example during travel abroad or due to changing usage habits. This offers customers greater organizational freedom while sustainably reducing total costs.

Maximum functionality

“Our aim is to provide our customers with maximum functionality and comfort at a minimum cost,” Frank Kottman explains. With this perspective in focus, Enterprise Mobility Solutions brings everything important under one roof, while also helping drive development of the subject of mobility, for example by helping customers adapt to changing user needs in a very smooth and flexible manner. Also worth mentioning in this regard is the solution’s particular focus on mobility cost controlling and business management, including transparent cost accounting. Expenses can be linked precisely to individual users and allocated to specific cost centers based on connection logs, which provides commercial orientation and protects the company against hidden costs.

And CHG-MERIDIAN hasn’t forgotten about the end of the equipment usage period, either: “eraSURE®” is the name the technology managers have given to the certified mobile equipment data erasure services they provide through their technology center in Groß-Gerau. Sensitive corporate data thus remains safe, and customers benefit from its sophisticated Enterprise Mobility Solutions all the way through the end of the technology lifecycle.

Added value throughout the entire mobile end device lifecycle: The services included in CHG-MERIDIAN's Enterprise Mobility Solutions


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