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This page provides all the latest facts and figures about the CHG-MERIDIAN Group.

Corporate & Sustainability Report

Our 2021 Corporate & Sustainability Report provides a summary of our financial, environmental, and social performance in the past year and thus documents our activities as an international Group. We share transparent information on where and how we exercise corporate responsibility and what targets we have set ourselves for the future.

Pioneering tomorrow

We are pioneers of the circular economy – and have been since 1979. We have come a long and exciting way from the foundation of our company in a Swabian village to our current business spanning 28 countries. What has driven every step of this journey is our belief in sustainable and holistic concepts for the use of technology. And our journey is far from over!

Press information

Apr 28, 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN: Profitable business performance in 2021 and expansion of the business model

• Value of the managed technology portfolio grows to €7.8 billion
• Setting up a new business: ‘devicenow’ offers global IT rental model
• Strengthening the circular economy: Newly founded company ‘circulee’ remarkets refurbished IT equipment

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Apr 28, 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN co-founds B2B start-up that remarkets refurbished IT

• circulee offers sustainable solutions for the use of IT hardware to small and medium-sized businesses
• The use of second-hand IT equipment reduces the carbon footprint by 70-80 percent compared with new devices
• As co-founder and principal investor, CHG-MERIDIAN wants to make sustainable lifecycle management a driver of growth

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Apr 28, 2022 – Weingarten

CHG-MERIDIAN establishes subsidiary for global IT rental

• devicenow: global IT equipment rental paired with comprehensive service
• Non-captive offering available in 190 countries worldwide
• Device-as-a-service concept as a key component of CHG-MERIDIAN’s growth strategy

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7. 8 B

Worldwide, our 1,200 employees manage a technology portfolio worth billions of euros



Our global presence allows us to implement international technology projects on a daily basis


113 M

In 2021, CHG-MERIDIAN’s net income reached a new high


Corporate & Sustainability Report 2021

Corporate Factsheet 2021

Sustainability Factsheet 2021

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Expert interview

“A new operating system for the economy”

Society is demanding greater sustainability, and policymakers are creating the appropriate business and regulatory environment across all levels. This puts pressure on companies to play their part in shaping the transition to a more sustainable economy. What role can the circular economy play in this? And how is the shift in customer behavior changing the market?

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by Ulrich Bergmann, CFO of CHG-MERIDIAN

Sustainable Finance

Investors and society as a whole benefit from sustainable investment models. Green bonds and ESG-linked loans can help the economy to find answers to climate change. In this booming multi-trillion market, our many decades’ experience of working with a sustainable business model gives us a competitive edge. Our success shows that sustainability is not an ideology that requires people to go without. Instead, it is an opportunity for growth.

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At a Glance


At CHG-MERIDIAN, we believe in end-to-end sustainability, efficient technology management with the highest level of information security, fair competition, and respectful dialogue with stakeholders.

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