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CHG-MERIDIAN Event Overview

Our Customer Experience Days are an unique opportunity to find out what our customers are really thinking. You'll benefit from our customers' instructive and informative insights and have the chance to talk in person with our experts.
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Oct 12, 2017 – Customer Experience Day Bielefeld

DIGITAL meets analog

- Digitalization meets RETAIL - Digital Signage Solutions
- Digitalization meets MOBILITY - Enterprise Mobility Solutions
- Digitalization for ALL - Employer Benefit Solutions

Jul 4, 2017 – Customer Experience Day Düsseldorf

CHG-MERIDIAN Solutions- One step ahead

- Efficiency, flexibility, and protection with the right mobility strategy
Enterprise Mobility Solutions, Customer Experience: Design and implementation of a mobile device strategy
- Motivation and the latest IT technology for your team
Employer Benefit Solutions, Customer Experience: Motivation made easy
- Digital signage for targeted communication, Digital Signage Solutions

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Jul 13, 2017 – Customer Experience Day Hamburg

BBQ IT recipes

- Digital signage for targeted communication, Digital Signage Solutions
- Does my data really need to be erased from printers? Output Solutions & eraSURE®
- Challenges in the realization of a mobility project, Enterprise Mobility Solutions
- Opportunities provided by the cloud and dealing sensibly with the risks

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Sep 12, 2017 – Customer Experience Day Frankfurt

Classic meets modern – IT as the motor for growth and dynamics

- Hidden Champions of an Innovative Solution
Enterprise Mobility Solutions
- Customer Experience
Implementation and added value from the customers’ perspective
- Digital Signage - Way More Than a Retail Story
Digital Signage Solutions

Sep 21, 2017 – Customer Experience Day Baden-Württemberg

Efficiency in all areas with innovative IT solutions

- Leadership in the Digital Age – Impact on Management, Organization and Controlling
- Risk Analysis of Mobile Devices at SEW-EURODRIVE
- Enterprise Mobility Solutions - Lowering Costs and Increasing Flexibility
- 5XS for digital success