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Our Technology Centers in Gross-Gerau and Skien provide specially developed automated data erasure solutions that offer a high level of process reliability.


Certified data eraSURE® of your IT assets

Our certified eraSURE® processes

For normal security requirements choose eraSURE®

The process at the Technology Center in Gross-Gerau is ISO-certified to ISO 27001 and ISO 9001:2015 and compliant with BSI-standard basic protection. In Skien, Norway, eraSURE® is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards and NSM-compliant.

We support you when making decisions regarding data security

The choice of erasure process is determined by the degree of protection required. Are we dealing with general data? Do your storage media contain highly sensitive and secret data? Does your top secret data require a particularly high level of protection? In short: erase or destroy?

Whether it is SSD, hybrid or flash memory in laptops, tablets, smartphones and even printers, copiers and multifunction printers, CHG-MERIDIAN offers a precise and cost-effective erasure solution. Tailor-made to your devices, your data, and your security requirements, and with the aim of realizing the highest possible residual value for your assets.

For high security requirements choose eraSURE®+

For particularly sensitive data requiring a very high level of protection, we recommend eraSURE®+. The process begins with the secure collection of the assets. The rollback includes the secure transport in sealed shock-proof containers with GPS tracking and trucks with air suspension. 

The choice of erasure procedure is based entirely on your own security requirements.

CHG-MERIDIAN's certified data erasure process eraSURE® offers a tailor-made solution that is fully automated and compliant with relevant standards. It also helps to reduce your workload, provide an audit trail, and is economical thanks to low overall costs.


The sooner you consider data erasure, the sooner you can increase your data security and reduce your costs. Talk to us about the opportunities eraSURE® offers.

Klaus Form

Head of Group Service Delivery

Alfred Korbmacher

Consultant TZ / Quality Manager


  • eraSURE® Flyer - English

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  • ISO Certificate 27001

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  • ISO Certificate 9001

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  • Konformitaetsbescheinigung-DE

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  • eraSURE process description

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  • eraSURE plus process description

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