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Have you completed your vocational apprenticeship or degree and are now ready to launch your career? At CHG-MERIDIAN we are always on the lookout for driven and talented individuals with commercial or technical experience.

Young professionals

Are you highly motivated, full of enthusiasm, and keen to deliver new ideas? Have you completed your vocational apprenticeship or degree, and perhaps even have some professional experience? Then a career at CHG-MERIDIAN is just right for you. You will have the chance to express yourself in a highly motivated team and continue your professional development. CHG-MERIDIAN not only offers an excellent start to your professional career but also many opportunities for promotion to specialist or management roles.

CHG-MERIDIAN is the ideal employer for professionals in the initial stages of their career. Come and join us!

Young Professionals – experience reports

VERENA RAUCH | Job Starter

My name is Verena Rauch and I live in Friedrichshafen. After my degree in business sciences at the Free University of Bozen, I started my career two years ago in the Group Accounting department at CHG-MERIDIAN.

The work at CHG-MERIDIAN brought me back to Lake Constance

After my Bachelor degree I had the choice – do I take a Masters degree or do I start my career straight away. I was able to get to know the company and challenges of my current job through a two-month internship at CHG-MERIDIAN, which I completed during my degree. I decided to directly join CHG-MERIDIAN. I was much more excited to actively be a part of the company than to continue to deal with just theoretical questions. CHG-MERIDIAN was able to convince me as a growing company, above all with its international alignment and a very collaborative and team-oriented working environment. I would not say that I have given something up. If anything, I would say that CHG-MERIDIAN helped me find my way back to my home on Lake Constance after studying abroad. The quality of life isn't as high everywhere as it is here in this region and it is just nice to have the lake and the mountains right on your doorstep.

I wouldn't like to miss out on the exchange with my colleagues abroad

In my working day, I expect to receive new, interesting and responsible tasks and questions time and time again. As an innovative and future-oriented company, CHG-MERIDIAN offers development potential in many areas which allow a varied scope of duties. The regular exchange with colleagues abroad as well as stays on site in the national subsidiaries are valuable experiences for me which I would not like to miss out on. I see dealing with cultural differences and getting to know country-specific peculiarities as a special enrichment of my daily work.

CHG-MERIDIAN allows for a family and a career

My hopes for CHG-MERIDIAN are that my work and my working environment continue to motivate and inspire me and that I can continue to find new paths and opportunities. It is also important to me that CHG-MERIDIAN gives career-focused employees the opportunity to continue their chosen career path with a family through flexibility. It is important to me that a company does not get stuck in a rut or rest on its laurels. I trust that CHG-MERIDIAN will continue to be a profitable and secure employer, even in times of crisis, thanks to its far-sighted company management which reacts to change.

The variety of tasks and the various areas of topics motivate me a great deal

A great motivation to work for CHG-MERIDIAN is the variety of tasks which CHG-MERIDIAN can offer me as a medium-sized company. In a large company you rarely have the opportunity to get insights into so many different areas of topics.


My name is David Schöner, I come from Stuttgart. Five years ago I started at CHG-MERIDIAN as part of a cooperative degree and moved to the Lake Constance area as a result. Now I work as an executive assistant at CHG-MERIDIAN.

CHG-MERIDIAN was always my first choice

As I have always had a great interest in economic connections, after finishing school I decided to do a degree in the area of business administration. Convinced by the cooperative apprenticeship system, I studied for three years at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University (DHBW). CHG-MERIDIAN was my course-related apprenticeship company. CHG-MERIDIAN was my first choice as a partner company because I wanted to work at a dynamically growing and internationally operating company in the financial sector.

My degree perfectly matches my practical work

My cooperative degree in „financial services“ perfectly matched the business activity of CHG-MERIDIAN, which offers financial services for technology investments as one of its four service areas. Along with fields of study in general business and economics, practical banking, insurance and leasing-specific topics were particularly on the curriculum. In the three-month switch between the theory and practical phase I was able to implement the theory I had learned into practice or scientifically work through questions from the practical phase at the DHBW. As I was able to go through all the departments of CHG-MERIDIAN during my practical phases, by the end of my degree I had attained a complete overview of the business areas and processes.

I support management in project planning, coordination and implementation

I was taken on by CHG-MERIDIAN upon completing my cooperative degree and have worked as an executive assistant ever since. My exciting main tasks include supporting management in project planning, coordination and implementation and to accompany the operative control of strategic decisions on a company and national level. This also includes the independent processing of concepts and improvement suggestions for the optimization of processes and procedures in national and international daily business.

CHG-MERIDIAN offers me every opportunity for my further career development

I am happy working for CHG-MERIDIAN because individual responsibility and entrepreneurship is demanded and supported from a very early stage. CHG-MERIDIAN offers me every opportunity for my further career development in a cooperative, open and creative environment.

LIZ HAGENEY | Job Starter

My name is Liz Hageney, I have been working at CHG-MERIDIAN for three years as an executive assistant. I have also been responsible for the coordination of international customer projects for some time. Previously, I have studied in Düsseldorf, England and the USA.

An internship at CHG-MERIDIAN completely disrupted my career plans

After completing my Bachelor degree, I wanted to do a Masters degree abroad and then I was to begin a career in management consultancy. That was the plan. But then, after my studies, I did an internship at CHG-MERIDIAN – just as a stop-gap, really. However, I liked the work and the company so much, that, after a brief hesitation, I happily accepted the job offer I subsequently received.

I gave up my dream of living and working in a big city for CHG-MERIDIAN

It wasn't easy for me to leave Düsseldorf and to move to Ravensburg. Hence my initial hesitation... I really like big cities and always wanted to live and work in one. The advantages and development opportunities which starting a career as an executive assistant at a company like CHG-MERIDIAN offers me finally convinced me, and I have not regretted that decision to this day.

New work on a daily basis means my day is never boring

The thing I like best about my job is the fact that no day is like another. There are new projects, tasks and challenges every day. I am continuously challenged and supported. I am constantly learning new things and getting to know new people. Also, I get around thanks to my position at CHG-MERIDIAN – we are now represented in 19 countries. I very much enjoy travelling and working together with my international colleagues.
I hope it continues to stay this exciting and that I can continue to accompany CHG-MERIDIAN on its course for success and growth. I would like to take on new challenges and greater responsibility. I could even well-imagine a longer stay abroad – ideally in a big city...

Good cooperation and the various opportunities to work are my greatest motivation

As I've said, I in no way regret my decision – quite the opposite. I feel very happy at CHG-MERIDIAN. I really appreciate my colleagues and like working with them. The greatest motivations, however, continue to be the opportunities which CHG-MERIDIAN offer. Unlike in a large company, you can quickly take on responsible tasks and projects and work closely together with the management of the company thanks to the flat hierarchy and support structures and learn from them.


You are familiar with the theory from your vocational apprenticeship or degree – are you now ready to gain the practical experience that will prepare you for working life? CHG-MERIDIAN offers trainee programs in which you will learn to put your skills into practice.

You can choose between our trainee program for sales (TrailS) and the trainee program for risk management and finance.


  • Mentor: regular interaction with a dedicated point of contact
  • Trainee guide: support for your learning success
  • Feedback system: open dialog
  • Management attention: get to know our senior management
  • Team: experience true teamwork
  • On-the-job training: learning by doing
  • Off-the-job training: expand your skill set with the help of our inhouse academy.

Trainee for sales (TrailS)

Do you have a business degree or comparable qualification? Are you highly motivated and see your future in sales? Then choose the TrailS career path and learn what it takes to become a real sales professional.

The trainee program starts every year on May 1. 

Read experience reports and more

Download Trainee Flyer


  • Warm up: learn everything about internal sales processes.
  • Start phase: support the professionals with their work.
  • Change teams: gain experience at an international site.
  • Home straight: lead your first customer project.


Have you completed your banking traineeship or business degree? Are you interested in working with corporate clients, or do you already have some experience in financing for businesses? As a fast-growing company we are looking for committed individuals who want to learn about our business model from the ground up and work on credit decisions and financing solutions.

  • Welcome aboard: get to know your co-workers and our processes.
  • Take off: spend some time in each department.
  • Cruise: receive training in individual specialisms


If you would like more information about starting your career at CHG-MERIDIAN or about our trainee programs, please get in touch.

Annika Uebele

Teamleader Apprenticeship & Trainee Guide